Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Choosing a Right SEO Friendly Domain Name

No matter what kind of site you are building, and regardless of whether you are a professional or an amateur at what you are going to be writing about on the internet, everyone should be concerned about their location. Your URL, or address on the internet means a great deal if you want to get good rankings in a shorter time.
Of course using keyword suggestion tools like google adwords is going to help you, but the fact is that people simply don’t choose their domain names carefully enough and as such, many times the domain name does not work as hard for them as it could if you selected it with a bit more care.
Getting faster rankings today in Google or the other search engines, has a lot to do with finding, and using a domain name that has one of your primary key phrases in the site name. Most people also are not aware that Google will serve up those key words or phrases even if they are separated by a hyphen to get the key words that you want.
Say you can’t buy But your site is all about building a small garden. Buying the site will still get you the same key words, and Google, when is serves up the web sites in response to someone typing those key words into a search engine, will always interpret the hyphen as a space, and see just the key words. So using a site with a hyphen in it is far superior to using another name that does not have your key words in it.
Getting ranked today will help a great deal if you can find and use a domain name that does not have your key words in it.
Here are some bad choices. If you own these, I’m sorry ahead of time.

The Best choice will be the one that not only offers your name or the name of your store, but also offers information about where you are or what you sell.
Things like:

If you select one of these sites, chances are that someone is going to input that into a search engine and find you. If your articles are good and your ideas are sound and you have a good product so much the better.
If you are running a moving van store and your site name is simply, What are the chances that someone is going to input “Fred’s Store” into Google and hit enter?The odds of that happening are just astronomically not in your favor.
Find and purchase a site that has something to do with your business and then develop it in such a way that it has some real punch to it.
Use good SEO techniques to get the site moving and with the combination of good SEO and a good domain name, the odds are stacked more favorably for you to have a good traffic return.

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