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Thursday, September 25, 2008

oDesk September Provider Newsletter: Writing a Killer Cover Letter

The oDesk Perspective
There are thousands of ways you can ruin a cover letter. Buyers often have to weed through a list of 30 or 50 or 100 candidates. Every little detail that's off irritates the person who reads your cover letter. It's your first -- and perhaps only -- chance to impress a potential buyer. Mess up and you'll be immediately crossed off the list. Providers who understand this harsh reality can use it in their favor. Want to write more refined and effective cover letters? Follow these tips to help your letter stand out from the crowd (in a good way)!
Keep it short. If your cover letter is as long as this essay, cut it by at least a third. All the buyer wants to see is a polite greeting, a sentence or two summarizing your profile’s relevant highlights, and perhaps another sentence or two about things that don't show up on the profile -- you recently completed two projects similar to the job at hand, for instance. Then a polite closing.
Follow directions. If you're asked to answer specific questions or include a key word in your reply -- do it! Beware of typos: Write in word processor, heed the spelling & grammar checks, and read your letter out loud. Try asking a friend to review it before you send it in -- even native speakers will benefit from the feedback.
Never use a canned cover letter. Buyers can tell. The right few hundred words will prove you read the entire job post, including the requested skills, links, and oDesk work history.
Watch your tone. Even if the buyer writes in a casual voice, you should sound serious, yet relaxed. This is a letter from one professional to another. Don't be funny, wordy or overly flattering. Be helpful and confident, not arrogant, and especially not needy.
Easy on the jargon. Use technical terms correctly and cut the marketing-speak. The buyer won't be impressed by your plans to "actualize" your "proven potential" to "deliver maximal results" to "drive customer satisfaction." Contrary to some job-hunting guides, you cannot hypnotize the buyer with "energizing" buzz words.
Link to examples. List and link to or attach work samples to demonstrate your aptitude for the job. If your profile portfolio doesn't already include the relevant items, don't forget to add them afterwards!
You've worked hard to polish your profile. But the buyer will never bother to look at it unless your cover letter serves as a concise, effective teaser. If Hollywood can boil a two-hour movie down to a 90-second preview, you can get your cover letter under 300 words and manage to leave your audience wanting more.
Success Stories: DIGICorp
Just six months after signing up as a provider company, oDesk jobs account for 25% of five-year-old Ahmedabad, India-based DIGICorp's workload. We talked to cofounder Abhishek Desai about oDesk's part in the rapid growth of his online custom application development business.
Q: Some providers describe a learning curve before establishing themselves on oDesk. When did it click for you?A: I think the best thing I did was creating my profile and my company's profile as per guidelines provided by oDesk. Also, I apply to carefully selected jobs that I think we are really capable of doing. And I write personalized cover letters for all my applications. I don't believe in just copy-pasting readymade cover letters. Because of all these, I can say I hit the ground really fast after becoming a member of oDesk.
Q: When you're choosing which jobs to apply for, what tips you off about the best opportunities, versus the ones you decide not to pursue?A: We tend to apply to jobs of a certain size, usually four weeks or longer. That does not mean we don't do smaller jobs -- if a job is interesting enough, we tend to pursue it. From the job description a buyer has written, you get to know how much the buyer is interested in really going forward. I like to work with a buyer who is equally excited to have his/her project up and running.
Q: If a buyer asks you how to attract the best providers, what's your advice?A: Carefully choose them by reading their cover letters first. Make sure you have providers who have written a personalized letter for you. This means the provider cares about your job and he/she has already spent time understanding it. After that, it depends on the interview. Go for the provider who is as passionate for your project as you are.
To read the full interview, click here.
New Features
360-Degree Feedback
For all completed assignments, we will be displaying both provider and buyer feedbacks, side-by-side, in the provider profiles and buyer facts. This will give the feedback scores and comments more context.
Team Room Improvements (Beta)
We've redesigned the Team Room to be easier to use than ever:
Team members tiled four across so you can see more (or all) of your team without scrolling.
Time zone conversion...finally! See at a glance what time it is in each team member's location.
See who's online now or has worked in the last 24 hours.
Sort your teams by name, role, and when they last worked.
Hide Unwanted Teams
If you have multiple teams, you can hide the ones that aren't currently active. This won't delete them, just make 'em vanish until you need them again (even if that's never).
IMPORTANT NOTICE: Discontinuing Support for Internet Explorer 6
We are discontinuing support for IE6, because it limits our ability to deploy new technologies to make your oDesk experience better and more secure. Please upgrade to a current generation browser -- it's easy, fast, and free.
Round of Applause
634 providers from 55 countries, including Macedonia, Malaysia, Moldova, Nepal, Netherlands, and New Zealand got their first jobs last month. These 634 providers have already racked up 30,851 oDesk hours and over $320,474 in just one month. Congrats to the providers who landed their first jobs in August and September!
A special round of applause to the top new providers by total earnings:
Janet S, Matthew S, Kim C, Tomasz M, Mateusz G, Dmitri S, Jacek B, Sharif M, Dmitri GWant to see your name listed here next month? Apply to job openings.
Provider Spotlight

Dima GHTML/CSS/JavaScript/AJAX and PHP/MySQL developer, Web designerTotal oDesk Hours: 72Feedback: 5.0Comments: "My experience working with Dima has been nothing short of exceptional."

Gelyn CSmart and Reliable Virtual Assistant,Researcher,Writer,Data Entry ProTotal oDesk Hours: 326Feedback: 4.9Comments: "Gelyn did some great writing for us, thank you for your hard work."

Douglas DFileMaker Expert Win/Mac Database DeveloperTotal oDesk Hours: 436Feedback: 5.0Comments: "Douglas is professional, competent and organized. I highly recommend him. Enjoyed working with him and will use him again in the future."

Maynard VMCP, MCSA, MCSE, CSSATotal oDesk Hours: 38Feedback: 5.0Comments: "Maynard is absolutely perfect to work with... pays very close attention to detail and provides clear documentation about the work he has done."
Partner Spotlight
oDesk has been making friends left and right. If you look at our partners page, you'll see some new faces in that distinguished crowd:
The Intelligent Communities Initiative aims to help local businesses see how easily they can move from brick-and-mortar to a virtual operations paradigm, including using remote talent. ICI offers certification programs for U.S.-based telecommuters, which are available to oDesk providers and can be promoted on their profiles.
Clarizen is a leading provider of collaborative online project management software that allows businesses to easily manage projects, resources, timelines and budgets in a single environment. Clarizen's software-as-a-service (SaaS) structure helps teams and projects get up and running instantly and is well poised to enhance oDesk users capabilities in managing complex projects.
Zend is the center of the PHP universe, and it will support staffing marketplaces like oDesk through the Zend Certified Engineer (ZCE) program. The ZCE program is a rigorous test of a candidate's skills and, with 3,500 ZCEs worldwide, the certification has become the de facto standard for the global PHP industry. oDesk providers can register their ZCE certifications in their oDesk profiles, providing valuable additional information to businesses looking for PHP experts.
The nonprofit BSD Certification Group is crafting a global certification standard for system administration on BSD-based operating systems. We're partnering with them to promote a high standard of excellence in FreeBSD, OpenBSD, NetBSD, and DragonFlyBSD. Information related to these skills can be seen at oDesk FreeBSD Administrator trends. The BSD Certification Group promotes jobs to its user base and oDesk encourages any BSD administrators to get the best BSD certifications available.
Speaking of making friends, this “Buzz@oDesk” thing is really taking off. For months, we've been encouraging oDesk users to spread the word through their blogs and message boards, and we've given out a carload of T-shirts (up to five a month) to our favorites. This month, though, we hit new heights. Lovely Aquino, a freelance copywriter in the Philippines not only talks about oDesk on Kitchenwitch Writes, the blog dedicated to her work, she also managed to get herself (and us!) into the Philippine Daily Enquirer, one of the country's top newspapers.
As if that weren't cool enough, we also had our very first press release submitted by an oDesk provider (SEO Specialist Abdul Hayi Mansoor). If there's one thing that makes oDesk special, it's members who go the extra mile. Way to go, Lovely and Abdul!

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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Choosing a Right SEO Friendly Domain Name

No matter what kind of site you are building, and regardless of whether you are a professional or an amateur at what you are going to be writing about on the internet, everyone should be concerned about their location. Your URL, or address on the internet means a great deal if you want to get good rankings in a shorter time.
Of course using keyword suggestion tools like google adwords is going to help you, but the fact is that people simply don’t choose their domain names carefully enough and as such, many times the domain name does not work as hard for them as it could if you selected it with a bit more care.
Getting faster rankings today in Google or the other search engines, has a lot to do with finding, and using a domain name that has one of your primary key phrases in the site name. Most people also are not aware that Google will serve up those key words or phrases even if they are separated by a hyphen to get the key words that you want.
Say you can’t buy But your site is all about building a small garden. Buying the site will still get you the same key words, and Google, when is serves up the web sites in response to someone typing those key words into a search engine, will always interpret the hyphen as a space, and see just the key words. So using a site with a hyphen in it is far superior to using another name that does not have your key words in it.
Getting ranked today will help a great deal if you can find and use a domain name that does not have your key words in it.
Here are some bad choices. If you own these, I’m sorry ahead of time.

The Best choice will be the one that not only offers your name or the name of your store, but also offers information about where you are or what you sell.
Things like:

If you select one of these sites, chances are that someone is going to input that into a search engine and find you. If your articles are good and your ideas are sound and you have a good product so much the better.
If you are running a moving van store and your site name is simply, What are the chances that someone is going to input “Fred’s Store” into Google and hit enter?The odds of that happening are just astronomically not in your favor.
Find and purchase a site that has something to do with your business and then develop it in such a way that it has some real punch to it.
Use good SEO techniques to get the site moving and with the combination of good SEO and a good domain name, the odds are stacked more favorably for you to have a good traffic return.

The SEO Industry, SEO Consultants & Specialists of Pakistan

The SEO industry, relatively new everywhere, began to make real inroads in Pakistan in about 2000, with SEO Consultant Specialists being the pioneer of the industry.
SEO Consultant Specialists in Pakistan are making vast inroads into the market, and are currently industry pioneers there, having expanded the science quite rapidly since about 2004.
The firm of SEO Consultant Specialists, of Lahore Pakistan currently is among the top in this field in Pakistan . They provide SEO training to small business owners, to web development teams as well as designers and SEO trainees for small business.
While many SEO specialists are well able to and do provide services on a national level, SEO Consultant Specialists are currently ranked in the top five for international key term SEO specialist.
If they are able to promote their own services and sites so well, how much better will they be able to promote yours?
Always select your SEO specialist, whether from Pakistan or elsewhere carefully. A great SEO specialist can make your site, bringing it into the top five or ten for the search engines and driving traffic to your site, while an imperfect SEO campaign can see you blacklisted, or literally make your site flop.
Check their own site statistics, and check references carefully, so that you know you’re getting what you’re paying for when it comes to using the services of any SEO specialist. A good rating and a few good references will go a long way toward telling you that you’re hiring the right firm for the job you want done.,
With many smaller sites and businesses realizing the need for SEO if they want to make their sites and businesses a success, the future of the SEO business in Pakistan is very bright, with many companies outside the country outsourcing their business to Pakistan to work with their SEO specialists.
Companies in areas such as Dubai, Europe and America are using the services of Pakistani SEO specialists, and they do so at very competitive rates.
The field of SEO in Pakistan is becoming quite lucrative, with salaries of SEO Specialists in Pakistan ranging from Rs. 50,000 to 100,000 while freelance SEO specialists can earn much more than that if they are serious in their intent and go after jobs rather than sitting on their hands.. The SEO industry in Pakistan is growing by leaps and bounds, and with so many new sites coming on line each and every day this field will remain one of the fastest growing and best paying in near future.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

SEO Copywriting Techniques and Suggestions

SEO copywriting which is good quality is a great deal more than merely filling up a page with keywords.

SEO copywriting means paying attention to detail and understanding the business that each of your clients is in, and the business model that they want to promote. Your SEO copywriting should ideally promote your companies image and its product.

The more upscale website copy writing, will be done using effective SEO techniques so that it will engage the reader completely, and make them want to know more about the subject they are reading about, as well as want to know enough to peruse your pages and learn more about the subject at hand.

SEO copy writing today is knowing enough about search engine optimization and social network marketing sites that you can appeal to those things with your writing.

The SEO copywriter needs to have some kind of background in marketing or business administration or at the very least, sales techniques and how they can be used. In this way they can write articles which are designed to grab traffic and a good market share for the companies they are working for.

Really good content is all about taking your information to the web in a way that is convincing and will use unique or catchy methods to capture the attention of the customer and keep it.

Every page has text of one kind or another, but not every web site page is friendly and written for the customer. SEO means not just writing for the search engines. SEO copywriting means making good solid information available to the customer, and doing it in such a way that it is search engine friendly. If your site lacks good content, it is not going to make it to the top of the search engine.

A good SEO company will advise you about SEO copywriting for your site. Playing to the search engines today isn't enough. The content has to be relevant to the subject you are writing on. It should be more than simply key words or phrases, but actual engaging content that will teach the customer something worthwhile. Otherwise, not only the search engines will frown on it but the consumer will too.

SEO writing means to present the information on the pages in the best way possible for both the search engine and the reader, so that both customer and search engine are pleased with that they see on your site.

SEO Consultant Specialist knows what you, as a business need. We offer SEO copywriting that will promote your web site and bring in additional traffic. Our copywriters are experts in writing copy that will turn website guests into paying customers.

When SEO copywriting is cone correctly, you can see the difference in traffic, when they search your sites target phrases or key words and it returns in the top aspects of Google and Yahoo you know that the copywriter has done what you want for your site.
SEO content writing is an important part of your companies web presence